Quest in Time

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Project mis-management

We are in the budgets and planning cycle for the next financial year, which in my case involves making sure we have enough resources to meet the IS projects sanctioned. Thus I have been re-establishing my love-hate relationship with Microsoft Project's resource leveling function.

Every time I resource leveled the project several of the tasks ended up after the end of the project, or summary bar. After fighting with it for 2 days I worked out that if leveling had calculated that a task should be delayed 2 days, the task would be moved by 8, but the summary bars would still be assuming it moved 2.

A long search of Technet did not reveal any similar issues, but did reveal a service pack, which I downloaded anyway. This fixed the problem, but the documentation for the pack did not reveal a fix of this or a similar problem.

Should anyone by using Microsoft Project 2003 I strongly suggest downloading Service Pack 1.