Quest in Time

Monday, January 31, 2005


I've been ill for the last week, so have not been doing much. Since I would like to use a RUP like process, and we have already adopted Prince2 for project management, I've been doing some initial tailoring of RUP to remove the overlap.

From previous work on this we have already adopted a six stage/phase process, adding Prince2 Initiation before Inception, and Closure after Transition. My work 'offline' this week has been to remove the Project Management and Config Management disciplines from RUP so as to leave just the 'Specialist' activities.

Prince2 advocates a product based approach, where RUP is activity based, so there is some interesting alignment to do. Worse Prince2 (for all its IT heritage) suits a waterfall approach, so there is much to do to make it handle a RUP style iterative and incremental.