Quest in Time

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Time Passes

Other projects have been getting in the way over the last few days.

One was an architecture workshop for an application re-write. The old version was written in a proprietary Java framework, which as these things tend to do, whet suddenly obsolete and unsupported.

As an organisation we made a decision about 12 months ago to move to a single platform for all our application delivery, but to stick to industry standards that we already had some exposure to which for us meant J2SE/J2EE or .NET. Either of these platforms would have done, and I am personally ambivalent (I like both). In the end we settled on .NET, and so the workshop was considering how we might structure such an application.

I've used Jacobson's analysis class stereotypes (boundary, controller, entity) before, both before RUP and with RUP, and found this and his robustness analysis techniques very valuable. We talked about their application in this project, and have agreed to use them. I'm now pondering whether to use them in isolation or go for a full RUP based process.